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Reminding me of my login information (Plesk, FTP) - Γνωσιακή βάση / myTophost Panel / Διαχείριση - TopHost

Reminding me of my login information (Plesk, FTP)

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You can change your passwords for your FTP service, in myTophost Panel by taking the following steps.


1. Log into myTophost Panel.



2. In the section Service plans click on the button Manage for the plan that you wish to change the passwords for.



3. Click on the button Send Login Information.



4. Click on Continue to receive your Login mail. Once this email is sent, your FTP will automatically reset.


NOTE: myTophost Panel is an interface where you can manage your Top.Host services. You can directly access Plesk Panel from myTophost Panel, and it is a GUI where you can manage your web hosting plan services.



5. You will receive the following confirmation message.


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