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myTophost BackUp: Restoring page files

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You can directly and safely restore backups of your files with the same settings they previously had through the R1soft Backup application. In order to do that, take the following steps:

Before you start, it is important that the folder you wish to restore is empty, as an incompatibility might occur.

 -   Therefore, in order to delete the already existing files of your website, log into Plesk, select the File Manager option, browse to the folder that corresponds to your website and open it. Then, select all the files in that folder and press Delete. You can find more detailed instructions here.You can also delete files from the root folder and through ftp client.

 -   Otherwise, for this step, you can create a New folder with a name like “backup_files” and then Move all the files that correspond to your website from your folder. Once the recovery from the backup service on myTophost Panel  is completed (see below), you can delete the folder that you created.

If you want to restore files from your website from a date when it functioned, you will have to take the following steps:

1. Log into myTophost Panel

2. Click on the Service Management button that corresponds to the web hosting plan το be restored.

3. Find myTophost Backup box and click on the BackUp button. 

4. Select in this order: Restore tab  >> Backup Files tab. A list with the daily Backups of your domain will appear. Find the date of the Backup you wish to restore files from and click on the corresponding yellow folder with the name Browse.

5. In the new window, double-click on the Home folder.

6. Then, select the root folder you wish to restore that corresponds to your website (e.g. httpdocs) and click on the option Restore Selected. Confirm that you have chosen the right date, as, once the recovery is completed, the existing files will be deleted.

7. Select Restore in the window that will open.

8. The recovery process is in progress.

9. A confirmation message will appear once the recovery is completed.

NOTE: Once the file recovery is complete, we advise you to also proceed to a database recovery to the same date as the file recovery, to avoid any incompatibilities.

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