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How to create CSR in order to activate your SSL certificate - Γνωσιακή βάση / SSL / Εγκατάσταση - TopHost

How to create CSR in order to activate your SSL certificate

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In order to activate the SSL that you have purchased, you need to create a CSR string. The steps that you have to follow vary according to the administrative environment that you’re using:


    3a. How to create a CSR in Plesk Onyx

To create a CSR on your Plesk follow these steps:

1. Log into myTophost Panel and click on Plesk Login for the respective plan.

2. In Websites & Domains select the icon SSL Certificates.

3. Select Add SSL Certificate.

4. Then, you have to fill in the information (settings) of the certificate in latin characters.

Νο1 Certificate name: To identify the certificate.

Νο2 Country: Insert your country.

Νο3 State or Province: Insert the state or province of your headquarters. The name of the state or province should not exceed 64 characters.

Νο4 Location: Fill in your location. It should not exceed 64 characters.

Νο5 Organization name (company): Fill in the company’s name, for which the certificate is being issued.

Νο6 Domain name: Enter the domain name, for which you wish to issue the certificate. E.g.

ATTENTION! The form differs from when it comes to activating an SSL. You should enter the correct form of the domain (with or without www). It cannot be altered after the activation is completed.

Νο7 Ε-mail: Insert your email address.

Νο8 Make sure that all the information you entered is correct and accurate, as it is going to be used to create your private key. Click on Request, for the key to be created along with the request for the certificate issue.

5. The certificate has been issued and you can see it on the next page.

6. Click on the name of the certificate and find the CSR section. Copy the text that starts with  -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST---- and ends with -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----

The form of the CSR will be like this:

Note: Make sure that you use lower case Latin characters and not capital letters.

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